How the Pandemic Changed Online Shopping Forever (1 min read)

Key Statistics:

  • There has been a 411% increase in Australian online shopping over the last seven years.
  • E-Commerce has doubled its Australian market share in the last four years.
  • 2022 has seen a 24.4% increase in E-Commerce; an increase of $718.8m in online sales compared to 2021.


E-commerce is defined as the activity of electronically buying or selling products on online services, or as we know it today, online shopping.


The pandemic, isolation and lockdowns have accelerated the already growing online retail sectors, forcing businesses to adapt their model to survive in this developing digital market. COVID-19 has developed generations, introducing your Grandma to the illustrious world of QR codes and home-delivered groceries.


In the last seven years (April 2015 to April 2022), the Australian Bureau of Statistics observed an increase of 411% in online retailing and E-commerce.


That’s 240% in the last five years.


215% in the last three.


The effects of the pandemic have only acted as a catalyst for an already growing industry. Post the Delta outbreak and lockdowns, the online retail threshold has remained at double what it was at the beginning of the pandemic. Trends can only show so much, but the statistics don’t lie.


Australia’s total online retail sales are up 24.4% this year alone – that is an increase of $718.8m in online sales compared to 2021.


E-commerce has seen the Australian online market share double in the last four years (increasing from 5.8% in 2018 to an 11.7% 2022 figure.)


At this rate, with advanced technological awareness and generational evolution, the next generation of grandparents will find themselves and their lineage with packages at the door almost every day.


These figures boast more than just a trend. Business fads come and go, but E-commerce is here to stay. Packing a capacity for growth on a global scale, the likes of Amazon have become a household name. Innovation is the key; bring your business into the now as E-commerce is the present and future.


At Masters Management Consulting, we specialise in developing and marketing your online store – so whether you are a brick-and-mortar store thinking about making this transition to the online space, or you have an existing online store that you think could be performing better, we can help you.


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*All data has been obtained from the Australian Bureau of Statistics